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Foreigner read-along - THE END!

So, looks like we were flagging there, towards the end. Did we go too fast? Format of this discussion too tricky? What went wrong? :{

Summary: Chapter 14 – We’re riding. We’re riding. Chapter 15 – Contemplation of human vs. atevi feelings; capture and escape. Chapter 16 – baji-naji.

Foreigner: book 3 chapters 12 - 13

Summary: Chapter 12 - Fourteen words for betrayal. Chapter 13 – Bren learns what happens when he doesn’t follow directions.

Heading towards the end, BBs! Can you believe it?!


Read-along: Foreigner - book 3: chapter 10 - 11

A very uncomfortable section of the book for some folks, I'm sure, nandiin.

Summary: Chapter 10 – Paidhi-torture. Oh, and by the way, take a look at the sky, Bren. Chapter 11 – Sparring with the dowager. Fleeing on mecheiti-back.

...and... discuss!!
Foreigner: Book 3 - chapters 8 - 9

Read-along: Foreigner: “book 3” chapter 8 - 9
Summary: Chapter 8 - Sparring with Ilisidi. Banichi vanishes. The TV interview. Chapter 9 – Cenedi gets intense.


Foreigner: Book 3 - chapters 6 - 7

Sorry I'm running late this week. San Diego Comic-Con sort of -- yeah, interfered a bit. :)

Read-along: Foreigner: “book 3” chapter 6 - 7
Summary: Chapter 6 – Breakfast with Ilisidi. Riding mecheiti. Chapter 7 – Malguri tourists. Shooting and electricity issues.

...and... discuss!

Foreigner Read-along: Book 3: chapter 5

Foreigner: Book 3 - chapter 5

This week, one long chapter. :) Do we need to slow down? What do you guys think?
Summary: Chapter 5 – Recovery and possible betrayal. Salads and dinner course discussions.

...and... DISCUSS!
Foreigner: book 3 - chapters 3 and 4

Yay! We're getting better response. I know the time seems to fly by between chapters, but let's try to get those comments in before the next set of chapters! We have some really INTERESTING chapters this week, too... Enter ILISIDI.

Read-along: Foreigner: “book 3” chapter 3 – 4
Summary: Chapter 3 – Tea with the aiji. Bren is appalled by Malguri. Chapter 4 – Alkaloid tea. Oh dear.

...and ... discuss!
Foreigner: book 3 - chapters 1 and 2

Sadly, we did not get a lot of response last week. Hopefully people will be more inclined to join us this week.

Read-along: Foreigner: “book 3” chapters 1 – 2

Summary: Chapter 1 – Someone didn't file Intent. Tabini doesn’t make that mistake. Banichi and Jago tighten security. Chapter 2 - Bren puts his foot in his mouth.

... and ... discuss!!

The great Foreigner Read-along begins!

Nandiin, nadiin:

Join us as we embark on our ambitious goal of re-reading CJ's Foreigner series from book one.


1. Every Sunday, I will post the next section of the reading, and a brief summary.
2. You read or re-read those sections.
3. You respond with your thoughts about the reading - literary, personal, your favorite parts, your least favorite parts.
4. We all have the right to agree or disagree with each other or with the writing. Just keep it polite and respectful for all concerned. ;)
5. You have that one week to make your commentary, and then the next posting will go up.

This week's reading: Foreigner, 'book 1' and 'book 2'
SummaryCollapse )
So, it looks like some folks may be up for re-reading the Foreigner series from book 1 onward and discussing it week by week.

That being said, how many chapters should we tackle a week (remember, if most of us are re-reading, a chapter a week might not move us along at a fast enough pace)?

What are the norms for discussion - the do's and don'ts? I don't particularly want us to assign too many rules, but some general parameters might be nice.

I would be willing to post a header entry each Sunday, citing the book title, chapter numbers and general summary of the plot.

And do we feel this needs its own community, or is it appropriate to keep it on the cj-cherryh community if it's one post a week? (Mods, please advise!)